Henley brings Musical Fidelity M3x DAC to UK

Henley Audio is handling the UK launch of the M3x DAC, Musical Fidelity’s new entry point to high-end digital-to-analogue converters. The company’s existing M6x DAC heavily influences the M3x, allowing users to experience near-M6 series performance at a more accessible entry point. The M3x employs an up-sampling chip design with the SRC4392 – a high-end sample rate converter from Burr-Brown – tasked to re-clock all PCM signals and convert them into 24-bit/192kHz and native and DoP DSD up to DSD256.

The new converter features single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs, each with their own output buffer, plus: “both output stages deliver superior audio quality, large output voltage swing and high current drive, exhibiting very low noise. The system’s excellent gain bandwidth and fast slew rate produce exceptionally low distortion,” according to the company.

The DAC benefits from Musical Fidelity’s continued development of its Super Silent Power Transformers – industrial-grade power sockets with an EMI filter and DC blocker to stop eliminate transformer hum.

The M3x DAC additionally boasts a front panel milled from an extruded aluminium profile designed, together with the heavy steel case, to protect the internals from outer electromagnetic fields. In the same way, this design is also meant to guard the rest of the user’s components against electromagnetic fields generated by the M3x DAC. It measures: 440 x 100 x 363mm (WxHxD) and weighs 6.8kg.

Available to buy now for £1,350 via Henley Audio in the UK, you can find out more about the Musical Fidelity M3x DAC here.

Musical Fidelity