HFC 2022 Yearbook on sale

Welcome to our special 2022 Yearbook bumper issue
This is our annual, collectable resume of all the top kit that has passed through our pages over the last 12 months. You’ll find a vivid mix of gear from the start-up and affordable to the dream lottery-win-exotic, all of which has been tested so that you can buy with complete confidence.

A few trends I’ve noticed since our last Yearbook: there’s been a proliferation of headphones, from in-ears to closed-backs, wired to wireless. We’ve also seen more soundbars as people are starting to create all-in-one systems for their hi-fis, TVs and home cinemas. There has been a lot of high-quality wall-mount speakers too, folks attempting to make the most of their personal space.

Everything has been given a thorough work out by our experts, so all you’ll need to do is find the best bargains. All prices quoted are the launch ones, and so may have changed since we first reviewed them.

This also gives me the opportunity to say thanks to all the companies we’ve worked with – we very much appreciate your continued support. And, of course, a very special thanks to you, our readers and subscribers. We really enjoy all your letters and emails.

There’s already a plethora of new kit lined up for our forthcoming issues, so here’s to what promises to be a bumper 2023.