SweetVinyl sweetens vinyl sound with SugarCube SC-1

Clean up your vinyl sound with this new phono stage

Looking to spruce up the vinyl replay chain, UK distributor Henley Audio has introduced the SugarCube SC-1 from Californian-based firm SweetVinyl, designed to digitally remove pops and clicks from any record in real-time – “playing older records like they’re brand new”. Sitting between a phono stage and amplifier, it’s built around a Asahi Kasei analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), digital processor and an ESS DAC. It offers iOS and Android app-based control of the 24-bit/ 192kHz digital process and a Strength dial gives up to 10 ‘clean-up’ levels. The process claims to remove only the unwanted elements on the vinyl and that the audio signal retains all the space, depth and clarity of the original recording. A Monitor mode bypasses the process, allowing you to hear the original vinyl, warts and all. It costs £1,555, and is available now in back or silver finishes. Click here to find out more.