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Danish loudspeaker designer Vifa has unveiled its latest product, a portable Bluetooth speaker with a distinctly Scandinavian flavour. Constructed from a single-piece of diecast aluminium (dimensions 181 x 268 x 90mm – wxhxd), the Oslo generates its sound from a pair of 50mm full-range drivers with aluminium cones and neodymium magnets alongside a pair of 65mm woofer drivers with flat sandwich core and neodymium magnets. The woofers are mechanically mounted back to back in a force balanced configuration supported by a brace of passive radiators. There's a 3.
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Brand new ‘sustainable’ record cabinets from down under
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Online hi-res music provider HighResAudio is now offering VirtualVault,a systemthat allowsits existing customers to stream their own music librariesfree of charge via the HighResAudio mobile home page. The system, claims HRA, works with all mobile devices (smartphone/tablet PC), desktop web browser and/or evenvia the web browser in your car. It caters, for wireless transmission via Bluetooth and is compatible with wireless multi-room solutions, says company CEO Lothar Kerestedjian. HRA claims to be the first to introduce Adaptive Audio Streaming (HLS/HTTP) and, depending uponthe available network bandwidth, it promises to deliver sound quality that’s on a par with CD.
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Fresh from updating its Prime family of turntables (Prime Scout HFC 422), VPI has released the Player, its entry-level deck. Builtas a complete solution with a moving-magnet phono stage and headphone amplifier on board, it consists of a non-resonant MDF chassis with an aluminium platter. The 9in tonearm uses bearings rather than the unipivot principle seen on VPI’s more upmarket decks and comes premounted with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge as part of the £1,500 package. The Player leaves the factoryin a pre-configured condition, meaning owners only need to carry out a very simple setup procedure to start playing LPs.
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DETAILS PRODUCT:VPI Nomad PRICE: £795 ORIGIN:USA TYPE:Turntable packagewith built-inheadphone ampand phono stage WEIGHT:5. 9kg DIMENSIONS:(WxHxD)470 x 109 x 343mm FEATURES ● Belt-driventurntable withmanual speedchange ● 24V AC motor ● 10in tonearm ● Ortofon 2M Redcartridge supplied DISTRIBUTOR:Renaissance Audio TELEPHONE:0131 5553922 WEBSITE:renaissanceaudio. co. uk; vpiindustries.
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As the vinyl format continues to attract greater audiences, so does the rise in the number of players available to spin LPs on, with many turntable brands covering all sectors of the market with a range of prices to suit. US-firm VPI Industries is no exception, and covers starter turntable packages as well as mid-priced and more specialist decks to appeal to vinyl newbies and junkies alike. The Prime Signature fits into the growing super deck category, and is the latest model to join the New Jersey firm’s expanding lineup. Its plinth is composed of layers of gloss MDF and machined aluminium partnered with a stainless-steel motor housing – claiming improved resonance damping, owing to its heftier weight over the original Prime motor – corner posts, bearing nut bell and arm board.
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VPI teams up with Nordost for turntable add-on
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MusicCast made easy Want to know more about Yamaha’s MusicCast wireless streaming tech, which lets you share music across multiple rooms and devices via a single app? Watch these videos explaining all uk. yamaha. com/en/products/audio-visual/musiccast . .
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Monster Mash The half-time ads in the American football Superbowl are among the world’s most expensive to buy, so it came as a surprise to see a hi-fi company’s commercial featured this year. Click here to watch it and look out for the cameo by Monster’s CEO, Noel Lee. Truth in sound Speaker manufacturer MartinLogan has redesigned its website and the results are as uncompromising and unflinching as its speakers. Gorgeous photography, fascinating videos and all the specs you could ask for, it’s well worth a look.
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Flat’s all folks! Warped vinyl can be the bane of the record collector, but help is at hand in this excellent guide to restoring your beloved music to pristine condition again, along with some top tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Click here to learn more. This is the end “The end of owning music” screams Rolling Stone magazine in this alarmist, but admittedly rather thought-provoking piece on what the future holds for physical music, featuring insight from industry insiders, record label owners and Jack White. read it for yourself here and see if you agree.
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Fine tune like a pro The dark art of subwoofer setup is explained in this fantastic series of videos produced by REL. Corner placement, orientation, phase, crossover and room correction for both two-channel and home cinema are all explored in depth. Click here to find out more. Sonos: Sound Tracks A fascinating series of videos by acclaimed music journalist Joe Levy, Sound Tracks is available to Tidal subscribers and features in-depth chat with producers, engineers and musicians about the tunesthat changed their lives.
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Turntable how-to Made completely by hand in its factory in Southend, the RP8 remains one of Rega’s flagship turntables. In this fascinating video, Rega’s Simon Webster talks us through the surprisingly complex procedure video from construction to testing. Watch the magic happen here. Ebay made easy Buying on ebay can be fraught with difficulties from being out bid at the last second to being disappointed with what you receive.
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Gearbox Automatic Produced by mastering engineers, the Gearbox Automatic turntable connects via Bluetooth and has Spotify integration so that it can identify what it is playing and then save it to a Spotify playlist, if that’s your thing. See for yourself in this video. Make the grade When buying and selling secondhand vinyl its condition can be vital, but the complex world of grading is also deeply confusing. How do you spot your near mint cuts from those that are merely excellent or very good? This guide explains all.
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Tape that and party In an effort to explore the growing popularity of the humble compact cassette, Radio Four’s The World At One got a selection of DJs, journalists and record label ownersto explain what it is that they still find so enduring about tape. Hear for yourself what they love about the format here. Reel gone kid Our very own Neville Roberts is oneof many music enthusiasts enjoying the re-emergence of reel-to-reel tapes. Is it the new vinyl? Short answer, no.