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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Nov 19, 2015  |  0 comments
Pro-Ject informs us that the new RPM 9 Carbon has been introduced to satisfy the needs of high-end audio enthusiasts that want a record player that stands apart, and with the same 'tear drop' chassis as its RPM 9. 2 Evolution, it should certainly stand out from the pack. The RPM 9 Carbon is supplied with a 9CC Evolution Tonearm pre-installed. This 9in tonearm has a conical carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design and is supplied with a 5-Pin to RCA Connect-IT CC cable.
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Today marks exactly 90 years since engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen set up Bang & Olufsen in Struer, Denmark, in an effort to explore their passion for high-quality audio reproduction. To mark the ocassion, the company has launched what it describes as one of its most ambitious projects ever, the BeoLab 90 – a floorstanding loudspeaker capable of pumping out 360° sound. You can read more about how the speaker was developed and our exclusive visit to B&O's HQ in issue 405, which goes on sale on 26th November. Earlier in the year year Bang & Olufsen launched theLove Affair Collection, a range of stylish products created in the art deco style to celebrate the passion and dedication to craftsmanship and quality that the company has come to provide.
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Astell&Kern has launched a limited edition version of its AK Jr portable music player with a stylish red finish. The AK Jr Red has a red aluminium case, machined gold controls and is on saleexclusively via Amazon. The original AK Jr was tested in HFC back in issue 401 and impressed with its superb sound across all file formats and its build quality and affordable price. The red version offers the same 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio playback, a high-quality Wolfson DAC, compatibility with music files including DSD and 3.
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Cable manufacturer Studio Connections has unveiled its new Platinum Series digital interconnects, which are claimed to deliver the emotion and intimacy of the human voice as well as bringing a compelling immediacy to the reproduction of musical instruments. Following extensive research, the company discovered that it is essential to ensure fast signal propagation with minimum jitter, and so the Platinum Series is claimed to deliver audio virtually free from timing distortion for a more natural character in voice and instruments. Cable types include AES (balanced using XLR connectors) and S/PDIF (single ended RCA phono connector) and prices start at £1,350 per metre. Find out more here.
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Jeff Lynne’s ELO is set to deliver a new album which will be the first new ELO music in 15 years. Alone In The Universe, the album is set for global release 12 November on RCA Records in the UK. The first single When I Was a Boy was released in late September and anyone that preorders the album will get it as an instant download. As with ELO’s previous releases, Lynne continuesto serve as producer, songwriter, arranger, lead singer and guitarist.
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As a rule, Aesthetix’s Signature editions are renowned for taking the circuit design of an existing model and then bestowing it with ultra-high-quality components hand picked to deliver the peak of performance, and that’s precisely what’s happened with the Romulus and Pandora DACs. The main headline is that native DSD playback has been added to the feature count, meaning that both DSD64 and DSD128 can be handled over the USB inputs. Those are partnered by Toslink optical, RCA coaxial and AES/EBU digital inputs. As with all Aesthetix Signature updates, critical coupling capacitors have been replaced with Dynamicaps from Peter Moncrief, which are claimed to increase resolution, drive, dynamics, high-frequency extension and bass definition, while at the same time minimising grain.
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Just when you thought all speakers looked the same, along comes Bang & Olufsen with the BeoLab 90. Okay, so it’s not the first loudspeaker to break with convention, but with its combination of pentagons and rhombuses it’s certain to stand out from the crowd. The BeoLab 90 utilises Active Room Compensation to measure the effects of the acoustic behaviour of the four walls around it. It does this by employing a microphoneto measure the effects of different positions within the room so that it can select a suitable compensation filter.
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Marantz has unveiled its new wireless connected music systems under its Melody Series monicker. Described as lifestyle network systems, the two units (the £499 M-CR611 Melody Media and £329 M-CR511 Melody Stream) boast 2x 60W power output, come with Spotify Connect functionality and provide compatibility with hi-res formats including: ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and (in the case of the Melody Media) DSD. Both units feature ‘one-push’ wi-fi Connect (with a claimed high-speed connectionof 11n), Bluetooth, NFC and a front-facing USB port for hooking up portable devices. The Melody Media comes equipped with a CD player alongside DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners and features a brace of digital inputs for connection to a television set.
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KEF has become the latest company to releasea desktop Bluetooth loudspeaker in the shape of the new Muo. However, it takes its design cues from the manufacturer’s iconic £140,000 Muon loudspeakers – flip the Muo onto its end and the holes in its grille reflect the curves of the impressive floorstander. Both were produced in collaboration with award-winning designer Ross Lovegrove and it’s claimed that the small Bluetooth speaker features a miniature version of the Uni-Q driver that’s used in the Muon, Bladeand Reference speakers. Connectivity to computers and mobile devices comes via aptX Bluetooth and there’s also NFC ‘Tap-to-pair’ for hookup to most Android phones.
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The new Signature One is described by Rothwell Audio as a very unusual moving coil phono stage. The reason for this claim? The fact that it uses transformer coupling rather than transistors. As Rothwell points out this is because of the expense of the former, but it notes that they are ideally suited to the very low signal levels produced by low output moving coil cartridges. The result is a claimed sublime sound that lacks the harshness that can afflict transistor circuits.
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Few loudspeakers are as revered as B&W's 800 Series, andthe British loudspeaker brand hasan awful lot to live up to with the announcement of its new D3 lineup revealed at a September press conference. Fans of B&W's long-standing 800 Series will know that it all started some 35 years ago with the now iconic 801 floorstander, which quickly found its way into the homes of audio fans with large listening rooms and deep pockets as wellas becoming a studio-standard monitoring loudspeaker in recording studios around the world – including the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The new 800 D3 Series is the distillation of the 800's 35-year success story and the culmination ofa seven-year project with dedicated research and development, advanced engineering as well as endless hours of committed listening by a team of experts put into the new nine-strong loudspeaker line. Even its manufacturing plant in Worthing, West Sussex had to be redesigned specifically for the production of the new series, and as B&W's head of research Martial Rousseau says: "This is not a product update.
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Tocelebrate the 45th anniversary of theVelvet Underground's album Loaded, Rhino has unveiled a special six-disc collection that includes a whole host of previously unreleased material. Remastered stereo and mono versions of the album fill out the first two discs, along with various outtakes, and the mono mix for the unissued single: Rock & Roll b/wLonesome Cowboy Bill. The third disc explores the creative process behind many of the songs on the album with more than 20 demos, early versions and alternate mixes. Also included is a remastered version ofLive At Max’s Kansas City, which was recorded at the New Yorknightclub on 23 August,1970, the dayLouReedleft the band.
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Cambridge Audio is seeking to bring new standards of audio performance, build quality and battery life to the premium Bluetooth speaker market with the introduction of its new G5 wireless speaker. Having received the same attention to detail and first-class audio engineering skills normally reserved for the company's high-end audiophile products, the G5 is claimed to produce an impressive audio performance with a clear treble and bass detail not normally found in Bluetooth speakers. The build quality and design of the G5 is also aiming to be better than the rest, thanks to the combination of a premium leather and metal exterior, while the use of a special stiff and inert composite material, extensive internal bracing and each driver mounted in its own dedicated sealed compartment should provide a rattle-free, crystal-clear performance even at high volumes. Despite its compact and slim dimensions (270 x 121 x 55mm WxHxD), the G5 manages to cram two 30mm mid/high drivers and a dedicated 60mm subwoofer under the hood, plus two passive auxiliary bass radiators and a Class D amplifier.
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Naim has announced that following an extensive beta test, it has released firmware updates that enable Tidal lossless streaming together with a host of other new features and improvements. Streamer Firmware Version 4. 3 will provide native support for Tidal on Naim’s all-in-one players, network players and streaming preamplifiers. Mu-so Firmware Version 1.