Awards 2012 - Choice Exotica

WINNER: MartinLogan Ethos


Whereas so many high end speakers are simply variations on the same ‘moving coil drive units in a box’ theme, MartinLogan dares to be different with its artful combination of conventional sub-bass drivers and large, full range electrostatic panels. The result is musical bliss, with vast soundstaging and subtlety so rarely heard, even from expensive designs such as this. A worthy winner!

Price: £6,498
Contact: 020 8971 3909
Web address:
Review issue: 359




Runners up

Dali Epicon 6

Clever design lifts this premium floorstander to sonic heights!

Price: £7,800
Contact: 0845 644 3537
Web address:
Review issue: 365


Claro Clarity Dual

Superlatively built high-end turntable with a delightful sound to match the best

Price: £3,720
Contact: 01423 867413
Web address:
Review issue: 356