Awards 2012 - Innovation

WINNER: Tiger Paw Khan


There have been countless modifications to the Linn LP12 turntable over the years, but few are as radical or as beautifully made as this top plate and crossbrace package. Expertly fitted, it takes the Sondek’s sound to an altogether different place, with substantially increased detail resolution – without making the deck sound overly analytical. Vinyl heaven!

Price: £795
Contact: 07764 533992
Web address:
Review issue: 361




Runners up

Analogue Innovation Sole Mk.VI

Great Linn subchassis upgrade, bringing real sonic rewards to the LP12 turntable.

Price: £625
Contact: 01554 890414
Web address: analogueinnovation. com
Review issue: 362


QNAP TS-469 Pro

Secure, glitch-free RAID storage – for serious computer audio.

Price: £657
Contact: 0203 608 1969
Web address:
Review issue: 365