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There are global events that happen in our lifetime, unusual days where you receive news about something so earth shattering that it seems to make even time itself stand still as you slowly come to terms with the reality that the world you knew up until that moment has changed forever. For me, the announcement of David Bowie’s death on Monday 11 January is one of those moments where everything seemed to slow and an already grey winter morning felt just that little bit darker. Things around me appeared to take on a different look and feel as the news unfolded in a hushed and reverent tone from BBC Radio 6 Music and the story began to sink in. I was in the kitchen at the time making breakfast after an early start, and I imagine that I will always be able to recall the sinking feeling that washed over me and stopped me dead in my tracks as the news broke and I began to comprehend the magnitude of what was being revealed.
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Winner Because competition in the headphone market is so tough, it takes a special pair of cans to win this award – and Audio-Technica’s ‘A900X is precisely this. It sounds clean, open and smooth with oodles of detail and insight – and you’ll want to listen all day and all of the night thanks to the high level of comfort, courtesy of a clever headband design. Build is excellent, too. A worthy winner.
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Winner There have been countless modifications to the Linn LP12 turntable over the years, but few are as radical or as beautifully made as this top plate and crossbrace package. Expertly fitted, it takes the Sondek’s sound to an altogether different place, with substantially increased detail resolution – without making the deck sound overly analytical. Vinyl heaven! DETAILS Price: £795 Contact: 07764 533992 Web address: tiger-paw. com Review issue: 361 Runners up Analogue Innovation Sole Mk.
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Winner Not the most powerful mid-price integrated amplifier around, this wee Cyrus is nevertheless one of the most enjoyable to listen to, making music like no other similarly priced designs. Factor in its fine build and finish, iconic styling and easy upgradability, and it truly deserves our best amplifier award of 2012! DETAILS Price: £699 Contact: 01480 435577 Web address: cyrusaudio. co. uk Review issue: 364 Runners up Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Excellent do-it-all design boasting a highly precise and powerful sound.
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WINNER In the great scheme of floorstanding loudspeakers, never has one offered so much for so little. This big, heavy box is superbly built and finished (especially in the optional piano gloss), and provides a performance to match. Powerful, spacious and detailed like nothing at the price, it gives a gripping, visceral sound, yet is smooth and refined too. DETAILS Price: £550 Contact: 01279 501111 Web address: qacoustics.
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WINNER Sometimes a product comes along that comprehensively outshines not just its immediate competition, but many products costing much more. Audiolab’s MDAC is one such design, offering a level of musical insight that’s amazing at the price. Factor in its versatile features, easy firmware upgradability and superb build, and it’s a seriously persuasive purchasing proposition! DETAILS Price: £599 Contact: 01480 447700 Web address: audiolab. co.
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WINNER Arcam has always made high quality hi-fi separates, but recently it has applied its redoubtable design and engineering ability to a range of small, portable iDevice accessories. The DrDock is a beautifully packaged iPod/iPhone/iPad dock, giving a direct digital audio output which lets you bypass the internal DACs. This turns your iDevice into a high quality music source. DETAILS Price: £199 Contact: 01223 203200 Web address: arcam.
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WINNER Whereas so many high end speakers are simply variations on the same ‘moving coil drive units in a box’ theme, MartinLogan dares to be different with its artful combination of conventional sub-bass drivers and large, full range electrostatic panels. The result is musical bliss, with vast soundstaging and subtlety so rarely heard, even from expensive designs such as this. A worthy winner! DETAILS Price: £6,498 Contact: 020 8971 3909 Web address: martinlogan. com Review issue: 359 Runners up Dali Epicon 6 Clever design lifts this premium floorstander to sonic heights! DETAILS Price: £7,800 Contact: 0845 644 3537 Web address: dali-uk.