Awards 2012 - DAC

WINNER: Audiolab M-DAC


Sometimes a product comes along that comprehensively outshines not just its immediate competition, but many products costing much more. Audiolab’s MDAC is one such design, offering a level of musical insight that’s amazing at the price. Factor in its versatile features, easy firmware upgradability and superb build, and it’s a seriously persuasive purchasing proposition!

Price: £599
Contact: 01480 447700
Web address:
Review issue: 359




Runners up

Rega DAC

Gloriously musical sound, one that’s refined way beyond its price.

Price: £500
Contact: 01702 333071
Web address:
Review issue: 357


Perreaux Audiant DP32 (DAC/preamp)

Superb premium priced preamplifier with a first-class digital convertor built-in.

Price: £2,190
Contact: 01333 425 999
Web address:
Review issue: 365