Black Rhodium Minuet

As one of Black Rhodium’s new entry-level interconnects, the Minuet boasts a range of features characteristic of the more expensive interconnects in the company’s range. Replacing the Prelude, the Minuet is screened and employs silver-plated copper wire for the signal conductors to improve clarity and high frequency performance.

The conductors are insulated with DM-PETM (demagnetising polyethylene), while a conductive layer is incorporated between the insulation and the screen to minimise microphonic noise. The Minuet is terminated with gold-plated ‘hourglass silhouette’ RCA plugs. The green 5.5mm diameter interconnects are available in stereo pairs or in long single runs for connecting to a subwoofer. 

Sound quality
I install the Minuet between my preamp and monoblocks. After a suitable period of running-in, I start off the auditioning process with Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.5 ‘The Emperor’ performed by The Locrian Ensemble of London with John Leneham at St Martin in the Fields. The sound quality is remarkably sophisticated for a set of interconnects at this price point. The ambience of the recording venue is splendidly reproduced. Instrument imaging is excellent and in my listening room the piano occupies a clearly defined area positioned just in front of the orchestra.

For some jazz, I spin a CD of the sadly recently departed Jacques Loussier performing his version of JS Bach’s Siciliano in G minor on the piano with double bass and drum accompaniment. I find myself drawn right into the performance by the incredible detail of the instruments that’s on show and the effortless rendition of Loussier’s precise playing. The end of the piece includes some subtle hi-hats that are beautifully clear and perfectly positioned behind the piano. The Minuet is a great value interconnect that certainly provides a classy performance. NR

Product: Black Rhodium Minuet
Price: £160 for 1m
Type: RCA interconnect
Read the full review in September issue 453

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