Ecosse Cables ES2.23+

With its white PVC outer jacket, the ES2.23+ speaker cable should glide around the edges of your room inconspicuously. Inside the 9.5mm circular cross-section jacket is a pair of Ultra Hi-Purity-OFC multi-stranded conductors with a 3mm2 conductor cross-section. Each conductor has around 400 0.07mm diameter copper strands woven together to form the wire. The conductors are insulated in a low-loss polypropylene dielectric insulation arranged in a rope-lay twisted pair configuration. Also, the cables are filled with yarn and cotton paper to minimise microphonic vibrations that can degrade the audio signal. The ES2.23+ can be supplied terminated in z/x copper spade or banana plugs.

I kick off with a recording of Vivaldi Sonatas For Flute and am instantly aware of a performance that has masses of detail and excellent clarity with no strain or unpleasant edginess to the sound. The flute and the individual instruments comprising the basso continuo are separately identifiable and do not blur into a wall of sound. Overall, the performance balance is natural and realistic.

Beethoven’s Symphony No.4 in B flat major by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Rudolf Kempe engages from the outset with the opening adagio. This is quiet and tense, leading nicely into the allegro vivace, which is both powerful and exhilarating. All the complexities of the music are handled with ease and the performance is stirring and majestic.

Returning to some more Vivaldi and The Four Seasons, but jazzed up by the Raymond Fol Big Band, the ES2.23+ conveys the excitement of the allegros, which really sparkle with exuberance. The performance has great energy and gusto. Trumpet solos are clear and strident, without sounding abrasive, and the guitar in the second movement of Spring is very moving and involving.

In conclusion, the ES2.23+ really delivers on sound quality and is excellent value for money. NR

Product: Ecosse Cables ES2.23+
Price: £180 for 3m terminated pair
Type: Speaker cable
Read the full review in March 2020 issue 460

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