MS HD Power MS-2160P

A version of Murphy’s law that often comes into play with any audio setup is that if you have X number of components to plug in, you will have X minus one available sockets. Help is at hand, thanks to MS HD Power’s MS-2160P six-way distribution block supplied by Air Audio Distribution.

Fitted with a 1.5m mains cable, it features a built-in RF/EMI noise filtration network. The UK mains plug is fitted with gold-plated live and neutral pins and the internal fuse clamps are silver-plated with 1µm-thick ‘925’ pure silver. The fuse has silver-plated ends and the cable is double shielded against RFI interference. The three conductors are made from 2.5mm2 cross-section 6N-OFC 99.9999 percent pure copper, so should be robust enough for the current requirements of your setup.

The six mains sockets are fed from the RF/EMI noise filter and offer 48,000A of surge suppression to protect from mains spikes and filter out mains-borne EMI and airborne RFI signals. Each socket is gold plated to ensure a good low-resistance contact between plug and socket.

Using the MS-2160P block and comparing it with a standard six-way distribution block purchased from an electrical retailer, I first connect my hi-fi to the MS-2160P. The plugs are very well anchored in place and are noticeably more secure than the connections via the sockets of the standard block. There’s a lower noise floor when the MS-2160P is used and a lovely UltraAnalogue tape recording of Grieg’s Cello Sonata Op.36 demonstrates ‘blacker’ silences and improvements in dynamic range as well as sharper imaging of the cello and piano, making it an impressive upgrade from a standard multi-way block. NR

Product: MS HD Power MS-2160P
Price: £200
Type: Six-way mains distribution block
Read the full review in March 2020 issue 460

Air Audio (UK distributer)
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