IsoAcoustics Delos 1815M1

Isolation platforms play a vital role in stopping unwanted vibrations coming through the air, floor or furniture via the feet and chassis and affecting the components sat on them. The equipment itself can also generate vibrations that need to be dissipated away so that they don’t find their way into the audio chain. The Delos 1815M1 is designed to support all types of audio equipment, and turntables in particular.

It measures 455 x 45 x 380mm, and consists of a solid ‘butcher block’ maple wood platform, designed to eliminate interference from external and structural vibrations and offer a stable platform for the equipment with a low noise floor. It can support equipment weighing up to 29.5kg.

When in use under my record deck, there’s an immediate tightening up of the bass, which suddenly has more attack and punch. Listening to a half-speed mastered LP of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, the somewhat menacing heartbeat that precedes Speak To Me ramps in from nowhere and builds to a climax. The bass is noticeably firmer and tighter, while the vocals of Breathe are more clearly positioned and the complexities of the music flow more effortlessly.

Spinning an LP of Scarlatti sonatas played on the harpsichord by George Malcolm, I am really drawn into the performance by the excellent playing and the realism of the recording. The silences between musical phrases are inky black, highlighting the very low noise floor with the platform installed.

Overall, using the Delos 1815M1 results in the music sounding more natural and realistic. It is a very well made and solidly built isolation platform that provides some real sonic improvements. NR

Product: IsoAcoustics Delos 1815M1
Price: £400
Type: isolation platform
Read the full review in March 2020 issue 460

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