IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Uni

Time to clean up your act and give your mains the scrub up your hi-fi deserves

A pre-filter device, the EVO3 Syncro Uni can be used with any power cable, conditioner or mains distribution block. It plugs into the mains wall socket and its 13A output socket takes the mains supply and realigns its waveform prior to any subsequent filtration or conditioning. According to the manufacturer, it synchronises the mains supply to provide a perfectly symmetrical sine wave, designed to deliver significant sonic improvements to hi-fi separates. 

It’s housed in a steel and aluminium chassis and uses a solid silver-plated OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper internal wiring cable. It also includes IsoTek’s VAD (Virtual Air Dielectric) technology, claimed to result in a dielectric constant close to that of a vacuum of just over 1.0548 (actually, this figure is the dielectric constant of air at 100 atmospheres), and this is considered to be a good safety feature. This air barrier is achieved by minimal conductor contact and the use of an FEP (Teflon) bridge.

Sound quality

Plugging the EVO3 Syncro Uni into my mains wall socket using a supplied EVO3 Initium power cable (HFC 413) and my equipment distribution system into the Syncro Uni, I am instantly aware of an increase in the spaciousness that’s around the instruments. With a recording of Eivør’s Mín Móðir the members of the orchestra appear slightly further apart from each other, the vocals are more lucid and the powerful bass has a more forceful punch, as does the drum thumping throughout the piece. IsoTek’s EVO3 Syncro Uni is a little costly, but is an effective addition to my setup. NR

Product: IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Uni
Price: £595
Type: Mains DC filter
Telephone: 0118 9814238 
Read the full review in November issue 441