Russ Andrews Inline RCA MiniZaps

Preventing noise from entering the audio path of your system can be quite a challenge. The use of high-quality, screened coaxial interconnects can really help, but even these let very high-frequency noise in. To tackle this, Russ Andrews has introduced an in-line version of its popular MiniZap, which is an implementation of the company’s Zapperator technology (HFC 420). The original MiniZaps are high-quality dissipative filters that absorb very high-frequency noise and, until now, were only available as an optional extra fitted to Kimber interconnect cables.

The Inline RCA MiniZaps can be used with any make of interconnect. They come in the form of an inline adapted WBT plug and socket that’s designed to be fitted to either end of analogue or coaxial digital interconnects. The plug end of the modified locking WBT-0110Cu features the WBT single point of contact earth connection and the socket is firmly fitted in the other end to make an in-line connection. 

I connect a pair of MiniZaps between my valve preamp outputs and the existing silver interconnects feeding my valve monoblocks. With the first movement of Elgar’s Enigma Variations by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, I am conscious of the inky-black quietness between the musical segments. Playing back without the MiniZaps, there’s not the same sense of silence. Conversely, with the more energetic second variation, I am not aware of any differences with or without the MiniZaps, which is a good thing as they are clearly not having any negative impact on the music. The stringed instruments, particularly the violins, have a perfect balance of being bright and lively, and yet smooth. Although a little costly, the MiniZaps have a positive effect filtering out RF interference from the audio signal. NR

Product: Russ Andrews Inline RCA MiniZaps
Price: £210 per pair
Type: RCA MiniZaps
Read the full review in July issue 451

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