Soundeck DF Damping Feet

Another isolation solution, Soundeck’s DF Damping Feet look like a set of slate-coloured drinks coasters and come as a set of four in two sizes: Square at 75 x 75mm or Round at 80mm diameter. Made from noise-absorbing, non-magnetic Sound Damped Steel, a constrained layer converts unwanted vibrational energy into negligible amounts of heat. The pads can be used with all types of components as well as speakers to reduce room vibrations from affecting the sound. They’re finished in a black powder coating and supplied with neoprene pads to further aid isolation. 

Placing a set of the Square feet under a CD player, I can discern an immediate improvement in clarity and crispness. Vivaldi’s Concerto For Violin, Oboe, Strings and Continuo in F major played by La Serenissima sounds more bright, sprightly and energetic. Instrument imaging seems to have significantly improved too, with a wider soundstage that extends further beyond the space between the speakers than I am used to.

There are similar improvements when I install four of the round DF pads under the Sorbothane feet of my record deck. The instrument imaging with a splendid LP of Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor performed by Sviatoslav Richter and the Monte Carlo National Opera Orchestra is noticeably improved, and the piano is more clearly defined within the soundstage. These feet are a useful addition to a finely tuned audio system and deliver subtle sonic benefits for a reasonable price. NR

Product: Soundeck DF Damping Feet
Price: £52 for four
Type: Damping feet
Read the full review in April issue 448

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