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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Jul 28, 2017  |  0 comments
The fourth addition to the M-DAC family, the M-DAC Mini contains the same core technologies as its siblings – including the ES9018 SABRE32 Reference DAC – but, as the name suggests, in a smaller chassis that’s designed for use both at home and out and about. Connections include optical and coaxial digital inputs and outputs, asynchronous Type-A and Mini-B USB inputs, stereo RCA line-level outputs and a 6. 35mm headphone output. Wireless connectivity is catered for, thanks to the inclusion of aptX Bluetooth and the M-DAC Mini can process audio files up to 32-bit/384kHz via USB as wellas supporting DSD data up to DSD256.
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Another headphone first comes from Audiolab – best known for its DACs and amplifiers – which pulls back the curtain on two sets of in-ear designs with the M-EAR 2D (£430) and M-EAR 4D (£700). Both available now, the former is a two-driver design, with one driver handling mid/high frequencies and the other dedicated to bass. The M-EAR 4D is a three-way design sporting four drivers – one for high frequencies, another for midrange and two for bass. Both come with a tangle-resistant detachable 1.
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Following its flagship M-DAC+ (HFC 410) launch earlier this year, Audiolab has introduced another member to the family. The M-ONE compact integrated amplifier harnesses the company’s acclaimed DAC – based around the ES9018K2M Sabre32 Reference chip – and Class AB amplifier tech in a diminutive box. Outwardly, the M-ONE is almost identical to its M-DAC+ sibling, sporting the same compact aluminium case, central OLED display and dual rotary control scheme, but it additionally packs amplification rated at 2x 40W into 8ohm and an array of preamp inputs to cater for multiple music sources. There are two USB inputs – a Type B socket (ideal for PC/Mac connectivity) and a Type A socket (useful for Apple iOS device docking and playback).
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2018 has been a busy year for Audiolab which has seen the hi-fi specialist move into the in-ear headphone market with two M-EAR designs and unveil its £149 M-DAC Nano DAC/headphone amp (below). The company is well regarded for its DACs and traditional components and the arrival of the new 6000 Series shows it hasn't forgotten its roots. The familiar design builds on the highly-regarded 8000 Series with two new full-width components in what it describes as its best value components ever. Priced at £599, the 6000A is a Class AB integrated amplifier rated at 2x 50W into 8ohm that incorporates two optical and two coaxial digital inputs along with three line-level RCA analogue inputs and a moving-magnet phono stage input.
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First launches from brand new flagship range
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New affordable just-add-speakers setup now available
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Ultra portable USB DAC boasts preamp and headphone amplifier functionality
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By its own admission, AudioQuest is a tweaker – and the latest modifications to its Rocket cable range are on the launch pad. The affordable Rocket 11 (£12. 50/m pictured above) and 22 (£20/m) speaker cables are suitable for bi-wiring applications, and AudioQuest is confident ofthe improvement they’ll bring to any home audio setup. Both cables feature what itcalls “semi-solid true-concentric conductors” for the first time.
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It’s been nearly four years since the original DragonFly DAC (HFC 367) was released, and now AudioQuest is unveiling two new models designed to be compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. The new USB DACs handle files up to 24-bit/96kHz, and put music quality first, says AQ. The DragonFly Red (£169) has a 32-bit ESS Sabre 9016 chip and is suited to lower sensitivity headphones, while the Black (£89) DragonFly employs a 9010 chipset and is suited to medium to high sensitivity headphones. Like earlier DragonFlys, the Black has an analogue volume control, whilethe Red opts for a digital one.
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New floorstander from Denmark
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A brace of new mono amps to power your system
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Just like the summer weather, the British floorstanding loudspeaker market is hotting up. We’ve seen several impressive high value for money floorstanding designs of late that offer serious hi-fi clout for a relatively low outlay. Regular readers will have marvelled at the 3050i from Q Acoustics that we reviewed last month, which received a coveted Editor’s Choice award and is the hottest, value floorstander we’ve seen so far. But contenders are already lining up to take its crown – including this month’s £600 cover star, Fyne Audio’s F303 (p46), and Monitor Audio’s Monitor 300 (p60), priced at just £550.
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iFi Audio ZEN One Signature DAC, HiFi Rose RA180 steampunk integrated amplifier, NAD C 399 integrated, Eclipse TD307MK3 desktop speaker, Philips Fidelio T1in-ears, six floorstanding speakers under a grand in our Group Test and much more...
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Sonus faber's Lumina II standmount, Rotel's Michi X5 integrated, Merason's frérot DAC, a high-end in-ear headphone Group Test, a celebration of Andrew Weatherall and much, much more...