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Keep interference at bay with this new fully shielded cable
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New affordable headphone from bass master
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New portable offers 32/384 and DSD256 playback
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Few would deny that it was Astell&Kern that first set the ball rolling when it comes to portable hi-res audio players, and the brand has consistently upped the anti with each model added to its continuously evolving DAP range. Billed as the most sophisticated high-resolution music player you can buy for under £500, the AK70has a 3. 3in touchscreen and supports music files up to 24-bit/192kHz – 32-bit audio and DSD is down converted to PCM. It includes plenty of features usually found on high-end players with wi-fi connectivity to stream music to and from the player, and a balanced headphone output option for optimum audio performance when using suitable headphones.
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Following the introduction of its £3,299 SP1000 portable music player last year, Astell&Kern has announced a new flagship in the form of the SP1000M priced at £1,999. Another bold industrial design, the body shape uses the company’s distinctive, irregular split planes to give the SP1000M a similar tactile quality to its upmarket sibling.
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Media player and in-ears from South Korea
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Hi-res portable player with 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 support
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New headphone amp from A&K
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Branching out from its portable hi-res players, Astell&Kern has unveiled its new ACRO desktop audio series with the introduction of the ACRO L1000 headphone amplifier/DAC. Featuring two AK4490chips, the ACRO L1000 can playback PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz with no downsampling and supportsnative DSD up DSD256 without conversion. Crafted in aluminium and designed to sit at a 30° angle for ease of use, it incorporates a balanced XLR jack and speaker binding posts offering a claimed maximum output of up to 15W per channel at 4ohm. Meanwhile 2.
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Debut true-wireless buds from A&K
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Astell&Kern’s impressive AK70 (HFC 428)has been given a reboot and for just £100 extra nowoffers a dual-DAC design, enhanced amplification, wi-fi connectivity and the ability to also be used as a USB DAC when it’s not playing back hi-res music files. Unlike the original AK70, the MK II version has a Cirrus Logic CS4298 chipset for both left and right channels, offering bit-to-bit playback of files up to 24/192 and DSD128. Its stylish block aluminium casing remains finished in two-tone black with a 3. 3in touchscreen, but now is a fraction larger and weighs 18g more than its predecessor.