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Meet the latest A&norma addition
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New headphone amp from South Korea
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Astell&Kern has launched a limited edition version of its AK Jr portable music player with a stylish red finish. The AK Jr Red has a red aluminium case, machined gold controls and is on saleexclusively via Amazon. The original AK Jr was tested in HFC back in issue 401 and impressed with its superb sound across all file formats and its build quality and affordable price. The red version offers the same 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio playback, a high-quality Wolfson DAC, compatibility with music files including DSD and 3.
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What better way to mark the 70th birthday of your company’s founder than to launch a luxury edition of a timeless favourite loudspeaker? That’s precisely what ATC has done in honour of founder and managing director Billy Woodman. Taking the classic design ofthe SCM10 mini monitor from the nineties, the new SCM10SE comes with a lustrous blue piano finish, with silver detailing and a fine-grain blue leather baffle. The original SCM10’s soft dome tweeter has been updated with the recently developed SH25-76S ‘S-spec’ 25mm dual-suspension design alongside the SB45-1255C 125mm mid/bass unit with integral soft dome. In turn the crossover has been reworked for the new unitsusing ATC’s hand-wound air-cored inductors and polypropylene capacitors throughout.
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ATC describes its new SCM19 Active Tower speaker system as delivering "the company’s reference-quality audio from an elegantly curved floor-standing design". Measuring 370mm wide and 980mm in height, it will no doubt be familiar to seasoned fans of the company's speakers as it is acoustically identical to the two-way SCM19 (tested in HFC 390). The 25mm tweeter employs a unique dual-suspension system, which has been designed to suppress rocking modes even at high power output levels. The configuration of a short edge-wound voice coil in a long, narrow magnetic gap is claimed to deleiver exceptionally low distortion throughout the operating band and removes the need for ferrofluids.
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Atlas Cables has announced the release of its new updated Ascent Ultra interconnect and Ascent XLR cable. Hand-built at its factory in Kilmarnock, the Ascent Ultra uses a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), which is extruded around the bare OCC copper conductors. This process, says Atlas, allows the required geometry of the conductor within the dielectric to be maintained and offers greater manufacturing consistency and wider bandwidth. The Ultra Plug has a claimed 57 percent reduction in mass over its predecessor and includes solder-free construction, self-cleaning insertion and material consistency that helps, says Atlas, to deliver the best fidelity.
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New power distribution block and balanced digital audio cable from Scotland
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Introducing the Element Mezzo XLR and Equator XLR
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Atoll Electronics has unveiledits new Signature range, which incorporates a pair of amplifiers alongside a matching CD player. The IN200 and IN300 amplifiers are true dual mono designs with dual transformers, fast rectifiers and dual channel capacitors produced by Mundorf and Vishay. The £1,595 IN200 Signature boasts a claimed 120W output per channel into 8ohm, has two pairs of MOSFET transistors for each channel and symmetrical output stages with discrete components. Connectivity includes five line-level RCA inputs, a pair of XLR inputs, pre outputs for bi-amping or a subwoofer and a headphone out.
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Australian manufacturer Audeara is perhaps best known for its past in the medical realm. However, a recent Kickstarter campaign changed all of that when it launched the A-01 headphone, designednot only to protect the user’s ears, but also to deliver a sound specifically catered to them. The first time the user wears the A-01, they use the companion app to undergoa hearing test, the results of which are then stored bythe cans. Using this unique profile, the headphone then adjusts the sound signal (making changes to left and right channels) so that the sound is individually tailored to the listener, while monitoring their hearing over time.
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Probably best known as a manufacturer of full-size headphones that utilise planar magnetic driver technology to create thin and lightweight units with the voice coil printed into them, Audeze recently became the first company to repeat the trick by including the driver technology on its range of in-ear headphones – most notably in the shape of the iSINE 10. Reviewed on these very pages back in issue 423, we were very impressed and consequently issued a Recommended badge. So expectations are suitably high for the newly released LCDi4. Described by the maker as: “The end game in-ear headphone for music lovers”, the £2,400 LCD-i4 uses the same 0.
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Meet the latest addition to the PureAA series
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Prepare to start feeling old. It was 20 years ago that Audio Analogue released the original Puccini integrated amplifier and it quickly formed a reputation for high-end performance at an affordable price point. The amp was AA's first product and a fine way to introduce itself to the world. To celebrate the anniversary, Audio Analogue has updated the Puccini into the Puccini Anniversary, which is claimed to be a genuine zero feedback design that's been developed by the company's AirTech R&D department.
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The inaugural Audio Bazaar is taking place in Nottingham on Sunday 9 April. An ideal place to get your hands on pre-loved vinyl and hi-fi esoterica, it is expected to include a selection of modern and vintage hi-fi quipment and records. Taking place in the Clifton Leisure Centre, which is situated just 13 minutes outside of Nottingham city centre on he NET tram line and within easy reach of the M1, A42 and A50, the evnt is expected to attract enthusiasts from across the Midlands. A number of high-profile dealers are said to have already been confirmed and items expected to be on sale include turntables, loudpseakers, amplifiers, headphones, tuners, valves, cassette decks and reel-to-reel players, plus vinyl from across all genres.