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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Jul 20, 2017  |  0 comments
Loudspeakers are easily the most popular sector of the hi-fi market right now, with more models vying for our attention than we can shake a stick at. A quick flick through the pages of this month’s issue is testament to this flourishing sector, with models of all different shapes and sizes designed to help you find the one that best fits your environment and meets your particular music needs. From the new Q Acoustics Concept 500 flagship floorstander using the latest cabinet construction and resonance control techniques, to seventies retro cool with the first model from Tannoy’s new Legacy line and the rebirth of the Eaton standmount, there’s plenty of different designs to tantalise the audio taste buds. But it’s the speaker that first got us started along the hi-fi path that so often holds a special place in our hearts.
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New all-in-one streamer and processor go on sale in August
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Auralic has unveiled details of its G Seriesof audio streaming components, comprising the Aries G2 streaming transport, Sirius G2 upsampling processor, Vega G2 streaming DAC and Leo G2 femto reference clock. The £3,899 Aries G2 streaming transporter (above) wirelessly connects to your system and offers outputs including USB 2. 0, AES/EBU, coaxial, Toslink and Auralic’s Lightning Link – a bi-directional HDMI enabling system control of everything from volume to processor engine setup. The processor at its heart is 50 percent faster than the original Aires with twice the memory and data storage and it can handle resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD512.
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Meet the new US company's new Digital Audio Streamer
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Apr 12, 2021  |  0 comments
New wireless planar magnetic driver in-ear
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 14, 2020  |  0 comments
LA-based headphone specialist coming in the new year
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Brace of new ‘phones just in from Vienna
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Nov 09, 2018  |  0 comments
Following the introduction of its Ingenium turntable design almost half a decade ago (HFC 379), Cambridgeshire-based AVID Hi-Fi has unveiled the Ingenium Plug&Play. Priced at £1,250 and fitted with a tonearm and moving-magnet cartridge, the packaged deck replaces previous Ingenium models and the company says: “Everything on this turntable has been reworked, from the chassis design that now sports AVID’s trademark oversized A emblazoned into the body, to the new inline power switch – now 5A with dual pole switching to allow total power isolation to the motor”. A new bearing hub has been designed with future upgradability in mind, allowing for the supplied MDF platter to be changed to a precision aluminium version to further enhance sound quality and lower the noise floor. Look out for our world-exclusive review next issue and click here for more.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Apr 06, 2017  |  0 comments
German Audio Specialist AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) has been around for 30 years, and has established a considerable lineup of components spread across three key ranges called Inspiration, Evolution and Ovation. The new brand to the UK got its first outing at the Bristol Sound & Vision show in February and carries a comprehensive range of models including integrated, pre and power amplifiers, receivers, CD player/DACs and all-in-one solutions like the £11,695 Ovation CS 6. 2 and 8. 2 flagship models (above and below respectively).
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Apr 03, 2018  |  0 comments
Originally launched exclusively in Germany to celebrate its 30th anniversary, AVM has revealed plans to introduce its AVM30 series into the UK via PMC UK Distribution. The entry-level range includes integrated pre and power amplifiers and a CD and media player and visitors to the Bristol Show got to see for themselves what it has to offer – see Show Report in the current issue. Drawing on the heritage of the AVM A2, the new £2,750 A 30 integrated amplifier takes the direct double-mono setup of its predecessor and adds additional functionality such as digital inputs, the latest version of Bluetooth and adjustment options for input sensitivity and sound control. The PA 30 preamplifier boasts an MM and MC phono module, the same adjustment options and connectivity including digital S/PDIF optical, coaxial and USB inputs plus Bluetooth.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Sep 21, 2018  |  0 comments
Shown for the first time at the Festival of Sound, running from 27 to 30 September at the Novotel London West, AVM’s Inspiration CS 2. 2 4T compact streaming CD receiver will be unveiled by UK distributor PMC. Based on the popular CS 2. 2 reviewed in HFC 425, the CS 2.
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UK subscribers and purchasers take a look at our first AVTech Awards supplement, showcasing the greatest AV products as reviewed by Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Home Cinema Choice and What Satellite & Digital TV. 43 of the greatest AV products available in 2013/14. Pick up a copy now! Brands awarded: Arcam, Astell&Kern, Auralic, Bowers & Wilkins, Creek, Devialet, Meridian, Chord Company, Chord Electronics, KEF, Krell, Lyra, Monitor Audio, Musical Fidelity, Onkyo, Oppo, Orbitsound, Panasonic,PMC,Pro-Ject, PS Audio, Rega, REL, Sony, Samsung, Sennheiser, T+A, Tannoy, van den Hul, Wharfedale, Yamaha . .
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Distributed in the UK by Decent Audio, Colorado-based Ayre has introduced the first product from its entry-level 8 series. The EX-8 integrated ‘hub’ is available in five variants with a different array of input modules priced from £5,750 to £7,750. It’s rated at 2x 100W into 8ohm and is built around fully balanced, zero-feedback circuitry. With the Net module installed (from £7,500), it provides six digital inputs (Ethernet, USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF and two Toslinks) and has embedded support for Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal streaming services as well as being Roon-ready.
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Click here to read our full length Insider feature . . . .
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B&O’s newly unveiled BeoLab 50 floorstanding loudspeaker utilises the same active room compensation technology that’s found in the BeoLab 90 – enabling it to use an external microphone to measure the physical acoustic properties of the room that it’s placed in and then adjust its compensation filters accordingly to provide what the company describes as optimum sound, no matter where you choose to listen in the room. B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology is applied to the top of the BeoLab 50 to handle dispersion of the upper frequencies. Using beam width control, it is able to project the sound in 180° mode or a narrow sweet spot for a dedicated listening position. Each wireless active loudspeakers weighs 61kg and the system claims 2,100W of precision power connected in a master-slave configuration.