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Classic kitsch vinyl spinner makes a welcome return
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Latest entry-level deck unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show
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Lightweight wireless earphones with 360 Reality Audio
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Audio-Technica has unveiled it latest turntable, the AT-LP5. First revealed to the world at this year’s IFA show in Berlin, the new deck is a direct-drive vinyl spinner that provides playback for 33 and 45rpm discs. Based on an original design from the sixties, the J-shaped 247mm tonearm has a 17mm overhang and is claimed to minimise tracking errors. It comes fitted with Audio-Technica’s lightweight AT-HS10 headshell and the exclusive AT95Ex dual moving magnet cartridge.
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If you’re in the market for a high-end cartridge, Audio-Technica’s AT-ART1000 at £4,100 could be for you. The hand-crafted design places the moving coil directly on top of the stylus tip, meaning that signal transmission from the stylus diamond to the moving coil are direct rather than transmitted along the length of the solid boron cantilever. Eight turns of 20um-diameter PCOCC wire create coils of 0. 9mm diameter.
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Glamorous new in-ears to suit your inner fashionista
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Limited edition headphones in vibrant Lantern Glow finish
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Audio-Technica is looking to bring vinyl to the masses with its latest turntable release, the affordable AT-LP60BT. It’s one of the first models to appear on the market from a traditional hi-fi brand that offers Bluetooth connectivity to enable users to wirelessly connect to suitably equipped speakers, headphones and stereo receivers. It looks to be the ideal introduction for those that are starting out on their vinyl journey, and thanks to its built-in switchable phono amplifier users will be able to simply plug and play (RCA phono outputs are also included) or connect and play wirelessly to a Bluetooth music system. The fully-automatic turntable is able to spin records at 33 and 45rpm, has an anti-resonance die-cast aluminium platter and is packaged with an Audio-Technica dual moving-magnet phono cartridge.
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Launched in October 1983, Audiolab’s original 8000A integrated amplifier was a veritable powerhouse by the standards of the day, with a quoted 50W RMS per channel into 8ohm that virtually doubled into 4ohm. Remarkably, unlike nearly all its rivals, the 8000A could even work into 2ohm loads without going bang. The model was extensively tweaked over the years and by the nineties had become a sort of hi-fi version of the Volkswagen Golf – affordable yet designed and engineered like no others at the price. It lived on for 14 years in its original incarnation, and the 8300A you see here is its latest descendant and arguably most radical departure.
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Audiolab’s 8200CD CD player won a well-deserved Recommended badge back in HFC 340, and now its long-awaited successor, the 8300CD, spearheads the all-new 8300 Series, which also includes the 8300A – a completely redesigned update of its original integrated amp. Available in silver or black, the 8300CD is built around the Sabre32 9018 DAC which, it’s claimed, reduces jitter to the levels expected from a much more expensive player. It processes data up to 32-bit/384kHz via USB, and also accepts DSD files, while a full range of inputs and outputs have been retained from the original models, along with an AES/EBU digital input and XLR digital output. The 8300A has a dual-mono power amplifier section delivering 75W into 8ohm and is powered by a 300VA toroidal transformer.
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New integrated marries functionality of previous components