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As a rule, Aesthetix’s Signature editions are renowned for taking the circuit design of an existing model and then bestowing it with ultra-high-quality components hand picked to deliver the peak of performance, and that’s precisely what’s happened with the Romulus and Pandora DACs. The main headline is that native DSD playback has been added to the feature count, meaning that both DSD64 and DSD128 can be handled over the USB inputs. Those are partnered by Toslink optical, RCA coaxial and AES/EBU digital inputs. As with all Aesthetix Signature updates, critical coupling capacitors have been replaced with Dynamicaps from Peter Moncrief, which are claimed to increase resolution, drive, dynamics, high-frequency extension and bass definition, while at the same time minimising grain.
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After seven albums as one half of celebrated musical duo Air,Nicolas Godin has finally produced his first solo album,Contrepoint, which is available today. Contrepoint is described asa dazzling experience that conjoins Godin’s former habitual musical fusions with classical forms, taking the listener on multiple adventurous journeys, often within each song, with counterpoint just one of its many landmarks. It’s remarkably varied in tone and rhythm, splicing genres with a bold, punchy and yet sensual and sweeping feel, with a variety of enticing lyrical narratives, and a starry international cast of guests, such as French vocalist Gordon Tracks, Brazilian singerMarcelo Camelo, Italian author Alessandro Barrico, New Zealand guitarist Connan Mockasin and the choir from Macedonia’s F. A.
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The latest from ex-Acoustic Energy designer Phil Jones
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It's time to join the Podcast revolution with this DIY solution
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Mention noise-cancelling headphones to anyone on the street and there’s a good chance many will think of brands other than AKG. But the big-name headphone brand owned by parent company Harman is making a big noise (so to speak) in the specialist noise-cancelling headphone sector thanks to its remarkably sophisticated sound optimisation technology built into its flagship N90Q headphones. The growth in hi-res portable music players and the fact that more of us are choosing to listen to music on the move has meant that the once humble headphone has seen a massive growth in recent years. As manyof us struggle to find time to listen to our favourite music through our hi-fi systemsat home, more of us are opting for a set of good-quality cans as our first choice for music listening.
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Following the UK preview at The Bristol Show in February, AKG has officially unveiled its N5005 in-ear headphone. Priced at £800, the N-series flagship uses a single 9. 2mm dynamic driver and four balanced armatures to create a hybrid five-way driver system inside the high gloss black ceramic and scratch resistant ear pieces. Available now, each set has a unique serial number and comes with a carrying case and an interchangeable Bluetooth dongle for wire-free listening for up to 8 hours.
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Inspired by music legend Quincy Jones, AKG has unveiled a new flagship noise-cancelling headphone. The N90Q is the result of a five-year collaboration with US parent company Harman and the iconic music producer. “I have thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Harman over the past five years, and am very excited to add the AKG N90Q to my signature line of headphones,” the legendary producer said. The N90Q claims to be the world’s first headphone to be fitted with a unique auto-calibration technology designed to deliver sound that’s specifically tailored to your own ears.
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Abbey Road Studios will host a new series of public lectures from November entitled ‘Sleeve Notes: From Mono to Infinity,’ and presented by acclaimed and influential music producer and recording engineerAlan Parsons. Parsons – who is indelibly linked to Abbey Road for his work with Pink Floyd, The Beatles and his own music with The Alan Parsons Project – willchart the development of his own skills and experience as an engineer, producer and recording artist alongside the developments in music technology at Abbey Road that enabled the creative envelope to be continuously pushed, resulting in groundbreaking, inspirational and timeless recordings. He will share his first-hand experiences – both anecdotal and educational – of his time working with the artists who passed through the iconic studios’ doors. The talks will incorporate audio recordings, video footage, photos and vintage studio equipment used to create classic tracks.
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As Bat For Lashes, Natasha Khan earned Mercury Music Prize nominations for her 2006 debut Fur And Gold and its follow up Two Suns. Her third album, 2012’s The Haunted Man, a set of beguiling art-school pop on which her lofty soprano floated beguilingly above her characteristically dreamy soundscapes gave her a first American chart entry. Yet despite such critical and commercial success, a feeling persisted that she had more to give and we were still awaiting her first truly great album. At 36 and no longer the fluttering ingénue, The Bride is that record, destined to catapult her into the premier league.
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There are times when the full benefit of a particular product cannot be totally realised until other changes and developments in seemingly unrelated areas have come to pass. In the case of active loudspeakers, the technical advantages have been known for some time in professional studio applications, but in terms of what that actually means for home audio fans constructing a system, any benefits have to be measured against the practicalities and upgrade path of a more traditional setup. In truth, you have to be completely on board with the active loudspeaker concept to go to the effort of constructing an audio system around it. The blurring of where source ends and amplifier begins has recently started to make the active speaker look like a much more enticing concept.
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Alpha Design Labs has something of a reputation for producing ‘Swiss army knife’ components capable of performing multiple tasks (see the GT40a in the February issue’s Group Test), and it looks like its latest release – the Stratos – is set to continue this trend. Compact in design it boasts a USB DAC with A/D convertor, a preamp, MM/MC phono stage and headphone amp. Built, says ADL, with the audiophile in mind, the Stratos supports PCM up to 32/384 and DSD to 11. 2MHz.
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Six mid-price integrated amplifiers battle it out. Read the full article in Hi-Fi Choice issue 377, November2013. MAKE MODEL PRICE WEBSITE Arcam Creek NAD Pioneer Rotel Teac FMJ A19 Evolution 50A C 356BEE DAC A-70 RA-12 AI-1000 £650 £700 £700 £800 £600 £800 arcam. co.
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Ultimate Stream based in Farnham in Surrey is running a series of listening events called ‘An Evening With’ to allow visitors to experience the latest products from their brand portfolio including: Auralic, Kii Audio, Innuos, Dutch&Dutch, CAAS Audio, Amphion, Hegel and T+A. There’s also the opportunity to join a weekend workshop focussing on ‘Streaming For Beginners’. For more information and tickets call 01252 759285 or visit the website:www. ultimate-stream.
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click here to purchase the September isse 388 and read the full review . . . .
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If you weren’t aware of the vinyl revolution that’s been going on over the last 18 months or so, you probably shouldn’t be reading these pages. But HFC is anything but exclusive, so for those that haven’t been paying attention or weren’t aware, we’ll go over the details just one more time. Vinyl is back and it’s more popular than its been for a very long time. The result is that everyone from youngsters wanting to experience music on something other than their phones to those that put their record collections in the loft 20 years ago are realising the real power of the black stuff.