Atlas Cables Eos dd

A new screened mains power cable, the Eos dd utilises technology similar to that found in the EOS 4dd (HFC 415). The ‘dd’ refers to the dual drain technology, designed to act as a filter against incoming RF AC power contamination. This is achieved by dumping any airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth, removing them from the AC power feed to your equipment.

The Eos dd employs Atlas Cables’ proprietary high-purity, low-resistance oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors. These are insulated with a stabilised PVC dielectric and, like the dual drain conductors, are surrounded with a hybrid carbon-loaded screen incorporating Atlas’ anti-vibration filler. The whole construction is then sheathed in a royal blue PVC sleeve.

The cable is terminated as standard with IEC and 13A connectors. Nema and Shuko terminations are also available to order as options if required. The Eos dd is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3m lengths. 

Sound quality
Considering that the conductors are fully screened, the Eos dd is reasonably flexible and I have no problem routing it around the back of my equipment for easy hookup. Connecting the Eos dd to the power supply of my valve preamp and phono stage, I spin an LP of Scarlatti sonatas played on the harpsichord by George Malcolm. I am really drawn into the performance by the excellent playing of the instrument and the overall level of realism of the recording. The silences between musical phrases are inky black, highlighting the very low noise floor with the Eos dd cable installed. The detail and imaging of the harpsichord is superb and there is no evidence of any mains-borne interference finding its way into the preamp or indeed the sensitive phono stage. This makes it a great upgrade from many low-cost mains leads boxed with equipment. NR

Product: Atlas Cables Eos dd
Price: £145 for 1m cable
Type: Power cable
Read the full review in August issue 452

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