Atlas Cables Equator

The latest addition to Atlas Cables' interconnect range gets put to the test

As the latest addition to a range of stereo interconnects from Atlas, the Equator Integra makes use of the same OCC copper conductors that are used with its higher-end cables. The central conductor is insulated with a PEF (foamed polyethylene) dielectric and is double screened to minimise RFI. The white pearlescent sheath makes the cable quite chunky, but reasonably flexible. 

The cables are terminated in Atlas’ proprietary non-magnetic RCA phono plugs, which are cold-welded to the cables without solder. The contact surfaces are self-cleaning and employ gold-plated conjugate brackets that operate when inserted.

Sound quality
Connecting the Equator Integras between my PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight Mk.2 CD player and valve preamp, I play a CD of La Vezina Catina sung by Esther Ofarim with the Chamber Orchestra of Munich Philharmonic. The Equator Integras transmit the nuances of this sophisticated performance beautifully.

For some electronic music, I spin a CD of East India Youth’s Beaming White. All the complex electronic sounds are clear without any semblance of merging into a cacophony of noise. When the vocals kick in, they are positioned well in front of the electronic music backing.

The powerful opening of Addinsell’s Warsaw Concerto played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra grabs my full attention right from the outset. As the piece progresses into the beautiful and melodic theme, I find myself treated to a performance that retains all the elegance and refinement that I am accustomed to with this CD. The Equator Integras are no less at home with subtle detail, as perfectly demonstrated by JS Bach’s Concerto in D major played on the harpsichord by Hans Ludwig Hirsch. All of the different sounds produced by the instrument, especially during the Larghetto second movement, are superbly reproduced. These interconnects transmit consistently sophisticated music and represent excellent value for money. NR

Product: Atlas Cables Equator Integra
Price: £115 for a 1m cable
Type: Interconnect
Telephone: 01563 572666
Read the full review in July issue 438