Awards 2012 - Integrated amp

WINNER: Cyrus 6a


Not the most powerful mid-price integrated amplifier around, this wee Cyrus is nevertheless one of the most enjoyable to listen to, making music like no other similarly priced designs. Factor in its fine build and finish, iconic styling and easy upgradability, and it truly deserves our best amplifier award of 2012!

Price: £699
Contact: 01480 435577
Web address:
Review issue: 364





Runners up

Cambridge Audio Azur 851A

Excellent do-it-all design boasting a highly precise and powerful sound.

Price: £1,195
Contact: 0870 900 1000
Web address:
Review issue: 359


Roksan Caspian M2

Brilliant sounding premium-priced amp with oodles of pep and punch.

Price: £1,649
Contact: 020 89006801
Web address:
Review issue: 356