Chord Company Rumour X

According to the Chord Company, one of the issues that can affect loudspeaker cable is phase distortion. Although PTFE is a very good dielectric, Taylon is said to offer sonic improvements as a phase-stable insulation material. The problem is that Taylon is costly to produce and so has only been used in its flagship products. As an alternative, cross-linked polyethylene called XLPE doesn’t suffer from phase issues and can be produced at a much lower cost, making it ideal for the Rumour X.

An update to the Rumour cable that’s been in the company’s range for over 20 years, the unscreened X uses 16 AWG silver-plated OFC conductors sleeved with a 6mm diameter white PVC insulation. My sample is factory-terminated with ChordOhmic silver-plated banana plugs for £120 plus £18 per metre.  

Sound quality
Connecting the Rumour X to my transmission line speakers and valve monoblocks and playing an LP of Handel’s Organ Concerto No.1 in G Minor by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, I am extremely impressed by the well-extended and tight bass response, especially during the organ passages. The soundstage is vast and the whole performance is both powerful and sophisticated. The brass is beautifully strident and the strings are clear and crisp, without being at all harsh, even during the crescendos.

With David Bowie’s The Next Day, the vocal performance is perfectly balanced between the drums and guitar accompaniments. Overall, the Rumour X loudspeaker cable conveys a sophisticated performance that will work brilliantly in a variety of music systems and is good value. NR

Product: Chord Company Rumour X
Price: £18/m
Type: Loudspeaker cable
Read the full review in March issue 447

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