ISOkinetik Silver Melody 2.5

HFC discovers the advantages of upgrading your tonearm's cable

There is 50 percent more silver used in the Silver Melody 2.5 compared with the company’s original Melody 2 tonearm cable. The solid wire conductors are made from 99.99 percent silver and insulated with the company’s dielectric material. The 1.2m cable is sheathed in a high-quality purple sleeving.

Sound quality

I connect it between my Jelco SA-750 tonearm (which is fitted with a Kiseki Blue NOS MC cartridge) and my valve phono stage, and run the cable in. I then spin an LP of Vivaldi’s Opus 7 performed by I Musici. The solo oboe is crystal clear and sprightly. I am struck by the open, delicate and effortless strings, which never interfere with the lower registers from the double basses. Imaging is superb and every instrument is well defined within the expansive soundstage in my room. For some jazz, I opt to listen to the 1960 stereo issue from Columbia Broadcasting Systems of Miles Davis playing Kind Of Blue. It is a really quite superb analogue recording that has huge presence and dynamics, all of which is beautifully reproduced with the Silver Melody 2.5 connected. The bass is tight and in perfect proportion, while the treble is clear without being at all strained. In particular, the hi-hat on All Blues is extremely clear and crisp.

Some jazz featured on a new 45rpm LP from Yarlung Records called The Yuko Mabuchi Trio Volume 1 sounds absolutely splendid. The track Seriously kicks off with the double bass and then the piano takes over with the melody. The bass fingering is really clear and the piano simply sparkles with energy.

This is a really top-notch tonearm cable that will complement most high-end cartridges and arms. NR

Product: ISOkinetik Silver Melody 2.5 
Price: £450
Type: Tonearm cable
Telephone: 02082 418890
Read the full review in October issue 441