Kimber Kable 4PR

Back in the seventies while working on lighting rigs for discos, Ray Kimber discovered the RFI-reducing properties of weaving cable. Realising that encasing speaker cable in a metal conduit to reduce the RFI also degraded the audio signal, he had the idea of using counter-rotating sets of conductors woven together – the so-called ‘Kimber Weave’ – instead of simply screening the cable. This not only rejected RFI, but also had a positive effect on sound quality.

The Kimber 4PR cable employs eight separately insulated wires that have been woven together in the Kimber Weave – four for the signal conductor and four for the return. Brown insulation is used for the signal wires and black for the return wires. Each group of four wires is connected together at the two ends and, in the case of the review sample, soldered to banana plugs and sleeved with coloured heatshrink. Spade connectors or bare wire terminations are also available if required..  

Sound quality
Playing Vivaldi’s Concerto for Oboe in A minor by Concerto Amsterdam on original instruments, I am treated to a refined performance that is bright, clear and exciting. Imaging is superb with the oboe in the first movement being well positioned in front of the orchestra, while the string continuo behind the oboe has great clarity and detail.

With Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor, the piano reproduction is spot on and the bass response of the full orchestra is powerful, extended and tight. In short, the 4PR is excellent value for money and offers a superb sound. NR

Product: Kimber Kable 4PR
Price: £120 for 2.5m
Type: Loudspeaker cable
Read the full review in March issue 447

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