Soundeck PM platter mat

Sound Damped Steel (SDS) – developed by British Steel in the nineties – is based on the principles of constrained layer damping, and Soundeck MD Les Thompson has realised the considerable sonic benefits it can bring to hi-fi. It can be applied to steel or aluminium and the PM aluminium laminate turntable mat sits directly on the platter to dissipate unwanted vibrations transmitted through the platter or generated by the playing of a record by converting unwanted vibrational energy into tiny amounts of heat.  

Sound quality
Just 2mm thick, the PM replaces existing mats with little or no adjustment to the cartridge VTA required. It has a smooth vinyl finish and comes in three sizes (295mm, 292mm and 285mm diameters). It certainly delivers on sound quality. Vocals have an improved presence and clarity, as exemplified by Simon & Garfunkel’s Why Don’t You Write Me. The inherent edginess of this rather bright CBS recording is very well controlled. Rhythm and timing are spot on as I’m pleasantly propelled through the track. 

Meanwhile, the driving bass line of Back To My Roots by Laurent Garnier is very tight and punchy – there’s no evidence of any loose bass response on show here. Finally, in Vivaldi’s Concerto for Oboe in A minor played by Concerto Amsterdam, the oboe in the first movement has excellent focus and is precisely positioned in front of the orchestra. The string continuo is clearly positioned behind the oboe and has great presence and clarity, making this money well spent for vinyl aficionados. NR

Product: Soundeck PM platter matt
Price: £95
Type: Platter matt
Read the full review in January issue 444