Tellurium Q Black Waveform HF

Another day, another digital RCA interconnect, but how will this one fare?

Reluctant to share details about the materials used in its cables, one thing Tellurium Q can share with us about the Black Waveform is that it is developed from the previous Waveform range of cables, with improved shielding and what it calls “other interesting developments” designed to aid its digital signal carrying capabilities. It can be supplied with BNC or RCA connectors at either one or both ends.

Sound quality
Using my PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight Mk.2 CD player as a source and my Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2 (HFC 393) acting as an external DAC, I position the interconnect between the corresponding coaxial digital connections. I start off by spinning a silver disc of The Silver Violin performed by Nicola Benedetti. Her breath-taking performance of John Williams’ Schindler’s List is totally captivating and extremely moving. Meanwhile, the final movement of Korngold’s Violin Concerto has tremendous excitement while Nicola’s exuberant performance is brilliantly conveyed by the cable. 

A great recording of Charles Avison’s Concerto Grosso No.10 in D major treats me to a sound that is both musical and compelling with well controlled double basses positioned alongside a clear and precise top end. Finally, turning to some more upbeat techno music sees GoGo Penguin’s Initiate clearly demonstrating just how well the powerful bass line drives the music forward. The occasional vocal sounds that are interspersed in the music are clear and well defined. The sound seems to fill every nook and cranny in my listening room, showing how well the cable contributes to the production of a large soundstage. NR

Product: Tellurium Q Black Waveform HF
Price: £390 for a 1m cable
Type: Digital RCA interconnect
Telephone: 01458 251997
Read the full review in June issue 437