True Colours Industries Storm

Those in the market for bi-wire speaker cable that can be laid under carpets inconspicuously, will be intrigued by the Storm. TCI has managed to incorporate four separate conductors made from high-quality materials into this reasonably flexible white ribbon cable, even though it is a mere 2mm thick.

It uses a combination of two aerospace-grade 99.999 percent silver-plated OFC conductors and two high-purity 99.999 percent OFC conductors. The four conductors are insulated with a Superthane outer jacket and the two pairs of cables are joined together at the amplifier end – one with silver-plated OFC and one with the OFC conductors. At the other end of the cable, the silver-plated conductors are insulated in a slightly wider sheath. My review sample is a 3m set that is terminated with gold-plated banana plugs. 

Sound quality
Connecting the Storm between my valve monoblocks and transmission line speakers, Trevor Pinnock’s solo harpsichord on JS Bach’s Partita No.2 is clear and open – a real testament to the silver-plated conductors.

With Anthony Mawer’s Poem Once Remembered played on an acoustic guitar, bass guitar and flute, the powerful bass guitar is very tight and well controlled.

Rimsky Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol played by the National Symphony Orchestra reveals an opening movement that’s spacious and open with a full and uncluttered sound, even during the crescendos. In summary, the modestly priced Storm really delivers on both quality and practicality. NR

Product: True Colours Industries Storm
Price: £22 per m
Type: Bi-wire speaker cable
Read the full review in September issue 453

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