True Signal Audio Cables True Phase Silver Ultimate

Will employing silver stranded coaxial cables give this interconnect the edge? HFC finds out

We’ve seen several audio interconnects from cable newcomer True Signal Audio Cables, but this is the Hertfordshire-based company’s flagship design. It uses a three-core silver stranded coaxial cable that employs an ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric designed to secure the phase stability of the signal over a wide temperature range. As with the company’s other cables, it has a directional signal flow, which is indicated by arrows that are printed on the heatshrink fitted over the RCA phonos. 

The two silver-plated shields consist of a helical foil and a woven braid and are terminated in high-quality RCA phono plugs, but XLR connectors are also available. The phono plugs have silver earthing surfaces and a rhodium hollow tip signal pin. The body of the plug is made from aluminium and utilises a two-stage shielding arrangement internally for maximum protection from external interference.

Sound quality
Having connected the True Phase Silver Ultimate interconnects between my phono stage and my preamp, I settle down to listen to a rousing LP of Handel’s Organ Concerto No.1 in G Minor with E Power Biggs playing the organ and Adrian Boult conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The organ really bristles with energy and vitality and Biggs’ enjoyment of the piece is very evident. The sound of the orchestra is full and exhibits a well extended and tight bass response. The strings are bright with superb detail and remain flowing and effortless throughout the piece without any hint of edginess, even during the crescendos. The soundstage is vast and open.

The pounding bass line of Laurent Garnier’s Desireless provides a great test of how tight and controlled the bass is, and I am delighted to hear how deep, powerful and well extended it proves to be. The notes are punchy and tight and in no way interfere with the top end of the synthesised percussion sounds or the hi-hats, which are all extremely clear and precise. Imaging is equally good with the growling vocals very much in front of the rest of the music, which is positioned well behind the vocals.

At the other extreme of musical genre, I spin a lovely recording of Trevor Pinnock playing JS Bach’s Partita No.2 on harpsichord. I find myself very involved with the performance and there is an overwhelming sense of realism, as if the harpsichord is in my room. The music displays a lot of clarity and detail in the stately opening section, which I attribute to the silver conductors in the interconnects as it really blossoms here.

Staying with chamber music, I add a couple of instruments to the keyboard with a recording of Beethoven’s Piano Trio in E Flat Major, played by the George Malcolm Trio. The piano is perfectly reproduced, which is impressive as this instrument is often a good test for an audio system and can sometimes sound tinny and unreal, or indeed muffled as though it is a concert piano being played with the lid closed. The overall performance of the piano, cello and violin is exciting with great clarity and intimacy.

I finish off with some more Bach, this time a jazz version played by Pierre Gossez on his Bach Takes A Trip LP. The first track Caravelle is a Jacques Loussier composition played on saxophone with harpsichord, piano and drum accompaniments. It manages to convey an air of openness and clarity with incredible energy. 

The harpsichord sets the fast pace of the music and when the saxophone comes in, I am hooked by the energy of the performance. As the piano joins in with a great jazz improvisation, I am drawn even further into the performance, thanks to the True Signal Audio Cable being in place. The track seems to fly by and by the time it ends with a return to the main theme played by the whole ensemble, I can’t believe that I have been so captivated that I listen to the entire track. 

Timing and tonal balance is impressive and the way it handles rhythmic jazz excursions is very good indeed. This interconnect gives a classy presentation and that’s exactly what I hope for at this rather eye-watering price. NR

Product: True Signal Audio Cables True Phase Silver Ultimate
Price: £1,850 for a 1m pair
Type: Interconnect
Telephone: 01582 937465

Read the full review in June issue 437