Viablue QTC loudspeaker spikes

Hot on the heels of its SC-4 loudspeaker cable (HFC 438) and NF-S1 interconnect (HFC 439) reviews last year, Viablue has introduced a range of equipment supports. Its QTC spikes are designed to prevent unwanted vibrations from being transmitted from a speaker to the underlying surface. The company says the spikes can also be fitted to other sensitive components.

A set of four claims to support loads of up to 200kg and consist of two coated metal bodies connected together with a 20mm fine threaded section for height adjustment to ensure that all four spikes are level. Each spike has a removable stainless steel peak and is supplied with a 16mm-diameter disc with stainless steel inlays (25mm discs are also available for wooden floors). The spikes are compatible with M8 threaded bolts while stainless-steel adapters are also included to fit M6 bolts. 

With the spikes installed on my transmission line speakers and playing Prokofiev’s Romeo And Juliet performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, I am struck by the full presentation with clear and crisp drums free from colouration. The sudden changes of mood are clearly conveyed and the music is intimate in the quieter sections and stately with great dynamics during the louder segments. Thelma Houston’s Don’t Misunderstand demonstrates the perfectly proportioned front-to-back positioning of the performers with the singer out in front with the instrumentalists playing behind and the sheer energy and enthusiasm of the performance perfectly conveyed. The QTC spikes are nicely made at the price, look great supporting my speakers and do their job well. NR

Product: Viablue QTC
Price: £96.80 for a set of four
Type: Loudspeaker spikes
Read the full review in September issue 453