Viablue SC-4

The German speaker cable gets put to the test

Another day, another newcomer to the UK audio cable market. German company Viablue’s SC-4 mid-range speaker cable is formed from a combination of silver-plated strands for the high frequencies and tin-plated ones for the lower frequencies. Within each cable are four leads (two for the signal and two for the return) consisting of seven wrapped bundles of oxygen-free copper wire. The cable is sheathed in a ‘cobra’ satin matt sleeve to protect it and at each end are vibration-absorbing splitters to separate the two connections. 

The review sample is supplied with banana plugs, but other connectors can be supplied on request. All contact surfaces are plated with 24-carat gold to ensure a good electrical contact. Even though the SC-4’s outer diameter is 12.5mm, it is very flexible and easily routed around corners and behind the speakers. 

Sound quality
After connecting the SC-4 between my valve monoblocks and transmission line loudspeakers, I play a beautiful recording of a full orchestra with Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, which really pushes systems hard. The sound is full, open and very detailed and I certainly don’t have any sense that the speaker cable is restricting the signal to my speakers. The violin solos are clear, while the full orchestral sections are dynamic and spacious.

With a CD of Vivaldi’s Paris Concerto 11 by La Serenissima, the strings are smooth and the music has superb imaging with a very wide soundstage. The instruments are well positioned and the performance has great clarity and realism. The beautifully made SC-4 excels in delivering a refined sound across a wide range of music. NR

Product: Viablue SC-4
Price: £260 for 3m pair
Type: Loudspeaker cables
Read the full review in July issue 438