Winyl One-Touch Polymer stylus cleaner

Taking the form of a single square sheet of solid polyurethane polymer, this stylus tip dry-cleaning system is tacky to the touch in its natural, dry state – which means that the surface is adhesive. Therefore, any stylus that is placed onto the polymer will sink a small distance into the surface and, thanks to the adhesive force, dust and debris are pulled off as the cartridge is lifted back up. The polymer can be removed from its case, washed under a tap and left to dry before once again returning to its original ‘as-new’ condition.

This is very similar in concept and execution to the DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner we looked at back in HFC 437. The major difference between the two comes down to their containers. The DS Audio gets a metal tin, which as well as looking smarter presents a lower lip to the polymer surface so that it is easier to place on the platter of the record and drop the stylus on. The plastic case of the Winyl has higher sides, meaning that you will most likely need to hold it under the stylus. The container has an excellent seal, however (better than the DS-Audio), which ensures that no dust or debris can easily affect the polymer.

In all other regards, the Winyl works brilliantly. The main benefit is how quick and easy the cleaning process is compared with applying a liquid stylus cleaner. Visible debris is removed instantly and the polymer easily handles the tendency of the last fragment of fluff to snag on the stylus. There is also an appreciable gain in performance simply from using it after a few records, even if there is no visible debris. At the very competitive asking price, the Winyl has to be seen as a considerable bargain. ES

Product: Winyl One-Touch Polymer
Price: £25
Type: Stylus cleaner
Read the full review in October issue 454

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