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Hi-Fi Choice  |  Feb 02, 2019  |  0 comments
Damping pucks fulfil a number of useful functions, such as helping to keep the surface flat during vinyl playback or by adding to the rotation mass to reduce instantaneous speed changes when tracking loud passages of music and limiting record slippage. The DPS claims to go one further by collecting and removing unwanted vibrations during playback.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Feb 01, 2019  |  0 comments
A mains filter that is fitted with a standard 10A IEC C14 input socket, the EVO3 Gemini has two output sockets also rated at 10A. The unit features star earthing internally and a delta filter topology to ensure filtration of both common mode and differential mode mains noise. Common mode noise is interference that appears on the live and neutral mains connections simultaneously and is often caused by external sources, such as RFI, which affects both mains conductors.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 21, 2018  |  0 comments
A pre-filter device, the EVO3 Syncro Uni can be used with any power cable, conditioner or mains distribution block. It plugs into the mains wall socket and its 13A output socket takes the mains supply and realigns its waveform prior to any subsequent filtration or conditioning. According to the manufacturer, it synchronises the mains supply to provide a perfectly symmetrical sine wave, designed to deliver significant sonic improvements to hi-fi separates.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 20, 2018  |  0 comments
By applying the QSeries architectures developed for its analogue cables, KLEI aims to bring similar benefits to its digital cables. The cable’s architecture is designed to maintain a zero voltage and low-noise earth state, claimed to enhance the electron flow in the signal conductor.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 18, 2018  |  0 comments
Manufactured from solid oak, the Omnium8 is available in several standard configurations that should cover most hi-fi setups. The Latin-sounding name means ‘all-inclusive’ while the 8 is a nod to the number of key features within the design, which can be mixed and matched as required.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 05, 2018  |  0 comments
There is 50 percent more silver used in the Silver Melody 2. 5 compared with the company’s original Melody 2 tonearm cable. The solid wire conductors are made from 99. 99 percent silver and insulated with the company’s dielectric material.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Dec 04, 2018  |  0 comments
In common with the Rocket 11 loudspeaker cable (HFC 440), the Rocket 22 uses two pairs of conductors per channel, which allows both pairs to be wired in parallel for conventional ‘full range’ wiring, or each pair to be connected separately for bi-wiring. The conductors are made from a combination of the company’s Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC). The LGC and PSC wire is laid out in a ‘true-concentric’ configuration. This means that each layer of strands in a concentric conductor is spiralled in the opposite direction from the one below.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Nov 30, 2018  |  0 comments
As we all know, looks aren’t everything, and it’s fair to say that some hi-fi brands don’t tend to agonise over the way their output is presented quite as much as others. Despite this, products that don’t stand out for their good looks can very often sound quite special and I would certainly put this Missing Link cable into this category. Designer Mark Sears is a straight-shooting sort of chap with an insatiable interest in engineering and materials science and a stickler for detail. His company’s entry-level interconnect is called Silver Surfer, which isn’t the most inspiring name but shows that money hasn’t been wasted on fancy branding.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Nov 16, 2018  |  0 comments
There is 50 percent more silver used in the Silver Melody 2. 5 compared with the company’s original Melody 2 tonearm cable. The solid wire conductors are made from 99. 99 percent silver and insulated with the company’s dielectric material.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Oct 10, 2018  |  0 comments
Designed as a means of keeping your stylus clean, be it on a DS Audio cartridge or something a little more prosaic, the ST-50 comprises a thin sheet of Urethane protected by a smart metal tin. It may look like an unusual way of removing dirt from a stylus, but the principle is simple enough: place the ST-50 on your platter and lower your cartridge on and off the sheet of polymer a few times so that its sticky nature will pull away any unwanted debris from the tip of the stylus. If the polymer starts to look dirty, you can simply rinse it off under a tap, leave it to dry on a clean surface and it will be good to go again. As well as looking smart, the housing tin does a good job of keeping the polymer free from collecting debris when it’s not in use.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Oct 08, 2018  |  0 comments
Made from 3 x 14 AWG high-purity multi-strand copper conductors with a parallel conductor layout, the Shawline has PVC internal and external insulation along with a high mechanical damping factor. Surrounding the conductors is a dual-layer high-frequency braid and foil combination shield. The cable is finished off with an elegant grey high-density vibration-damping outer jacket. The supply end is terminated with a 13A UK mains plug fitted with a 13A fuse and a 13 or 16A IEC plug at the other end.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Oct 08, 2018  |  0 comments
Reluctant to share details about the materials used in its cables, one thing Tellurium Q can share with us about the Black Waveform is that it is developed from the previous Waveform range of cables, with improved shielding and what it calls “other interesting developments” designed to aid its digital signal carrying capabilities. It can be supplied with BNC or RCA connectors at either one or both ends. Sound quality Using my PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight Mk. 2 CD player as a source and my Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2 (HFC 393) acting as an external DAC, I position the interconnect between the corresponding coaxial digital connections.
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We’ve seen several audio interconnects from cable newcomer True Signal Audio Cables, but this is the Hertfordshire-based company’s flagship design. It uses a three-core silver stranded coaxial cable that employs an ePTFE (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric designed to secure the phase stability of the signal over a wide temperature range. As with the company’s other cables, it has a directional signal flow, which is indicated by arrows that are printed on the heatshrink fitted over the RCA phonos. The two silver-plated shields consist of a helical foil and a woven braid and are terminated in high-quality RCA phono plugs, but XLR connectors are also available.
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Once you have paid careful attention to your mains supply, interconnect cables and equipment support, it is all too easy to overlook one of the biggest influences in the audio chain – the listening room itself. There are a variety of different issues to consider, ranging from reverberations, rattles and other unwanted sounds that can influence the performance of your room. Spurious noises are relatively easy to identify and deal with, but when it comes to room parameters, it’s helpful to have some specialised equipment to identify problems so they can be addressed effectively. Room parameters include the natural peaks and troughs in sound caused by the room’s Eigentones or standing waves or how it responds to resonances and impulses.
Hi-Fi Choice  |  Oct 08, 2018  |  0 comments
Measuring only 127 x 32 x 89mm (WxHxD), the Magni 3 is designed for use with a wide range of dynamic headphones, including in-ear and planar magnetic designs. Its power output claims to deliver up to 2000mW RMS continuous into 32ohm, with both channels driven. Eschewing low-cost op-amps, the high-speed, DC-coupled, current-feedback design with switchable gain instead opts to use discrete components and bipolar semiconductors throughout.